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Vermont Tech

New title

Hidden Dimensions. Aspects of Mesolithic Hunter-gatherer Landscape Use and Non-lithic Technology
Adorno, Politics, and the Aesthetic Animal
Downfall : The Destruction of Charles Mackay
Accessing Technical Education in Modern Japan
The Invention of ›Outsider Art‹ : Experiencing Practices of Othering in Contemporary Art Worlds in the UK
Éduquer au vivant. Perspectives, recherches et pratiques
Embodied Politics : Indigenous Migrant Activism, Cultural Competency, and Health Promotion in California
Demystifying Graph Data Science : Graph Algorithms, Analytics Methods, Platforms, Databases, and Use Cases
A Christian Field Guide to Technology for Engineers and Designers
Human Transformations of the Earth
Against Medical Advice : Addressing Treatment Refusal
Creating Place in Early Modern European Architecture
Griffith Review 78: A Matter of Taste
The Democratic Ethos : Authenticity and Instrumentalism in US Movement Rhetoric After Occupy
Incomprehensible Certainty : Metaphysics and Hermeneutics of the Image
Belfast Punk and the Troubles: An Oral History
Identity, Gender, and Tracking : The Reality of Boundaries for Veterinary Students
Introducing Geomorphology : A Guide to Landforms and Processes
Inheriting the Bomb : The Collapse of the USSR and the Nuclear Disarmament of Ukraine
Hemispheric Alliances : Liberal Democrats and Cold War Latin America
Feeding Fascism : The Politics of Women’s Food Work
Healing Grounds : Climate, Justice, and the Deep Roots of Regenerative Farming
Experimenting with Humans and Animals
DEI Deconstructed : Your No-Nonsense Guide to Doing the Work and Doing It Right
Forged in the Shadow of Mars : Chivalry and Violence in Late Medieval Florence
Bizarre Bioethics : Ghosts, Monsters, and Pilgrims
Isaac’s Fear : An Early Modern Encyclopedia of Judaism
Janelle Monáe’s Queer Afrofuturism : Defying Every Label
Escaping the Deadly Embrace : How Encirclement Causes Major Wars
Addiction Recovery and Resilience : Faith-based Health Services in an African American Community
Betsy Ann Plank : The Making of a Public Relations Icon
The Insider : A Life of Virginia C. Gildersleeve
Intrasite Spatial Analysis of Mobile and Semisedentary Peoples : Analytical Approaches to Reconstructing Occupation History
Digital Heritage and Archaeology in Practice : Data, Ethics, and Professionalism
The Ink in the Grooves : Conversations on Literature and Rock 'n' Roll
The End of Public Execution : Race, Religion, and Punishment in the American South
100 Things to See in the National Parks : Your Guide to the Most Popular Features of the US National Parks
Applications of Artificial Intelligence in E-Healthcare Systems
Informatics and Technology in Clinical Care and Public Health
From the Ground Up : Local Efforts to Create Resilient Cities
Digital Signal and Image Processing in Jagiellonian Positron Emission Tomography
Concise Guide to Neuropsychiatry and Behavioral Neurology
Enduring Shame : A Recent History of Unwed Pregnancy and Righteous Reproduction
Assessment of Communication Disorders in Adults: Resources and Protocols, Third Edition
Hispanic Medal of Honor Recipients : American Heroes
A History of Christianity in Wales
Knocked Down : A High-Risk Memoir
Growing Gardens, Building Power : Food Justice and Urban Agriculture in Brooklyn
Brüssel zwischen Kyjiw und Moskau: Das auswärtige Handeln der Europäischen Union im ukrainisch-russischen Konflikt 2014-2019
Health Program Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation : Creating Behavioral, Environmental, and Policy Change
Ikat From Timor and Its Outer Islands. Insular and Interwoven
The Affection in Between : From Common Sense to Sensing in Common
Barrows at the Core of Bronze Age Communities. Supplementary Material
Carrying On : Another School of Thought on Pregnancy and Health
Causes in Common : Welsh Women and the Struggle for Social Democracy
Creating a Culture of Mindful Innovation in Higher Education
Die Erzählungen des Valerius Maximus
Groupes de symétrie en physique : Brisure spontanée et transitions de phase
Engineering the Lower Danube : Technology and Territoriality in an Imperial Borderland, Late Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
Inglorious, Illegal Bastards : Japan's Self-Defense Force During the Cold War
Introducing Literary Theories
The Camp Fire Girls : Gender, Race, and American Girlhood, 1910–1980
Disability Dialogues : Advocacy, Science, and Prestige in Postwar Clinical Professions
Canadian Critical Luxury Studies : Decentring Luxury
Black Earth, White Bread : A Technopolitical History of Russian Agriculture and Food
The Jews of Long Island : 1705-1918
The Impact of Foreign Interventions on Democracy and Human Rights
Bach Perspectives, Volume 14 : Bach and Mozart: Connections, Patterns, and Pathways
Black Lives in Alaska : A History of African Americans in the Far Northwest
Curriculum Development for Medical Education : A Six-Step Approach
Echoes From the Deep. Inventorising Shipwrecks at the National Scale by the Application of Marine Geophysics and the Historical Text
Introduction to Healthcare for Turkish-speaking Interpreters and Translators
Conscientious Objection in Turkey
Accident and Emergency Informatics
Analytical Techniques for Trace Elements in Geochemical Exploration
Ethically Challenged : Private Equity Storms US Health Care
An Introduction to the Phenomenology of Performance Art : SELF/s
Conscience of Judges in International Criminal Law: The Heart of Judgement
The Cultivated Forest : People and Woodlands in Asian History
Climate Change and U.S. Cities : Urban Systems, Sectors, and Prospects for Action
Counterpractice : Psychoanalysis, Politics and the Art of French Feminism
Building Downtown Los Angeles : The Politics of Race and Place in Urban America
And Harmony Abound : The Musical Life of Morley Calvert
Health and Efficiency : Fatigue, the Science of Work, and the Making of the Working-Class Body
To Give One’s Life for the Work of Another
Effective Conservation : Parks, Rewilding, and Local Development
Dominion Over Palm and Pine : A History of Canadian Aspirations in the British Caribbean
Fishing in the Good Old Days : Was It Really Better?
Faith and the Sacraments : A Commentary on The International Theological Commission's The Reciprocity of Faith and Sacraments in the Sacramental Economy: With Official Revised English Translation
Haywire : Discord in Maine's Logging Woods and the Unraveling of an Industry
BriefKunst : Der andere Blick auf Korrespondenzen. Gesammelte Essays für Renate Stauf
Enveloped Lives : Caring and Relating in Lithuanian Health Care
Approaching the New Testament : A Guide for Students
The Italian Opera Singers in Mozart's Vienna
Importing Care, Faithful Service : Filipino and Indian American Nurses at a Veterans Hospital
Foundations of Agricultural Education, Fourth Edition
Early Jewish Cookbooks : Essays on Hungarian Jewish Gastronomical History
Global Health for All : Knowledge, Politics, and Practices
A History of the Rutgers University Glee Club
Bioarchaeology of Care Through Population-Level Analyses
The Book of Requiems, 1450-1550 : From the Earliest Ages to the Present Period
Ancient Egyptian Statues : Their Many Lives and Deaths
Indigenous Motherhood in the Academy
The Disney Animation Renaissance : Behind the Glass at the Florida Studio
Comprehensive Guide to Supportive and Palliative Care for Patients with Cancer
Conscience of Lawyers in International Criminal Law: The Burden of Doppelgängers
COVID-19 and Its Reflection on SMEs in Developing Countries
In Vitro Functionality of Probiotics in Foods
Finding Judge Crater : A Life and Phenomenal Disappearance in Jazz Age New York
Begin Boldly : How Women Can Reimagine Risk, Embrace Uncertainty, and Launch a Brilliant Career
Dust : Egypt's Forgotten Architecture, Revised and Expanded Edition
Collision Course : Economic Change, Criminal Justice Reform, and Work in America
Activist Literacies : Transnational Feminisms and Social Media Rhetorics
Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry : Fundamentals and Applications
Imagistic Care : Growing Old in a Precarious World
Being Is Better Than Not Being : The Metaphysics of Goodness and Beauty in Aristotle
Doggerland. Lost World Under the North Sea
A Hemisphere of Women : The Founding and Development of the Inter-American Commission, 1915–1939
The Blue Revolution : Hunting, Harvesting, and Farming Seafood in the Information Age
European Mail Armour : Ringed Battle Shirts From the Iron Age, Roman Period and Early Middle Ages
The Complete Guide to Pastoral Leadership : A Compendium of Essential Knowledge, Research and Experience for All Pastoral Leaders in Schools
Cultivating Community : Women and Agricultural Fairs in Ontario
Hatred of Sex
The 50 Greatest Explorers in History
AIA Guide to Chicago
Gee Vaucher : Beyond Punk, Feminism and the Avant-garde
Introducción a los Sistemas de Información Geográfica (SIG) aplicados al catastro
From the Alien to the Alone : A Study of Soul in Plotinus
30 Queer Lives : Conversations with LGBTQIA+ New Zealanders
Diseases Transmitted by Ticks
Johns Hopkins Evidence-Based Practice for Nurses and Healthcare Professionals, Fourth Edition
Against Racism : Organizing for Social Change in Latin America
Choosing Hope : The Heritage of Judaism
Bandits and Liberals, Rebels and Saints : Latin America Since Independence
Introduction to Glagolitic Palaeography
Commerce, Food, and Identity in Seventeenth-Century England and France : Across the Channel
Equity in Data : A Framework for What Counts in Schools
Digital Heritage and Archaeology in Practice : Presentation, Teaching, and Engagement
Intelligent Network Design Driven by Big Data Analytics, IoT, AI and Cloud Computing
Franciscan Books and Their Readers : Friars and Manuscripts in Late Medieval Italy
Art + Archive : Understanding the Archival Turn in Contemporary Art
Ending Checkbox Diversity : Rewriting the Story of Performative Allyship in Corporate America
The Carriers : What the Fragile X Gene Reveals About Family, Heredity, and Scientific Discovery
The Atomic Archipelago : US Nuclear Submarines and Technopolitics of Risk in Cold War Italy
The Cancer Within : Reproduction, Cultural Transformation, and Health Care in Romania
Achievements, Milestones and Challenges in Biomedical and Health Informatics
Archaeology of the Ionian Sea : Landscapes, Seascapes and the Circulation of People, Goods and Ideas From the Palaeolithic to the End of the Bronze Age
Futurescan 2022–2027: Health Care Trends and Implications
Eating Disorders : A Comprehensive Guide to Medical Care and Complications
Les colonies du Haut et du Bas-Canada avant et à l’époque des rébellions
English Rock and Pop Performances : A Sociolinguistic Investigation of British and American Language Perceptions and Attitudes
Decolonize Museums
Healthcare in Latin America : History, Society, Culture
Christopher Dawson : A Cultural Mind in the Age of the Great War
The Brain and Pain : Breakthroughs in Neuroscience
Alzheimer's Disease : Recent Findings in Pathophysiology, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Modalities
Health Insurance Politics in Japan : Policy Development, Government, and the Japan Medical Association
A Bridge to Justice : The Life of Franklin H. Williams
The British Judges of the International Court of Justice: An Explication? The Later Jurists
Corpus Pragmatic Studies on the History of Medical Discourse
From Bayreuth to Burkina Faso : Christoph Schlingensief’s Opera Village Africa As Postcolonial Gesamtkunstwerk?
Another Appalachia : Coming Up Queer and Indian in a Mountain Place
Fairhope, 1894–1954 : The Story of a Single Tax Colony
Evangelical News : Politics, Gender, and Bioethics in Conservative Christian Magazines of the 1970s and 1980s
Antagonistic Cooperation : Jazz, Collage, Fiction, and the Shaping of African American Culture
From Berkeley to Berlin : How the Rad Lab Helped Avert Nuclear War
Buy Black : How Black Women Transformed US Pop Culture
Burning Ambition : Education, Arson, and Learning Justice in Kenya
The Internet of Medical Things : Enabling Technologies and Emerging Applications
Euromissiles : The Nuclear Weapons That Nearly Destroyed NATO
An Archaeologist's Guide to Organic Residues in Pottery
Diverse Educators : A Manifesto
Biopolymers in Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods
A Guide to a Somatic Movement Practice : The Anatomy of Center
Dimensions of Aesthetic Encounters : Perception, Interpretation, and the Signs of Art
Earthlings : Imaginative Encounters with the Natural World
The Early Coptic Papacy : The Egyptian Church and Its Leadership in Late Antiquity
Dogs and Cats in South Korea : Itinerant Commodities
Assessment of Communication Disorders in Children: Resources and Protocols, Fourth Edition
Building Schools, Making Doctors : Architecture and the Modern American Physician
Kaufmann's : The Family That Built Pittsburgh's Famed Department Store
Developing Trauma-Informed Teachers: Creating Classrooms That Foster Equity, Resiliency, and Asset-Based Approaches: Reflections on Curricula and Program Implementation
Digital Codicology : Medieval Books and Modern Labor
Growing in to Autism
Data and Management Strategies for Recreational Fisheries with Annual Catch Limits
Distillation of Sound : Dub and the Creation of Culture
Color Atlas of Retina and Optic Nerve
How to Be Between
Challenges in Public Health Governance : The Canadian Experience
American Health and Wellness in Archaeology and History
Horse Racing the Chicago Way : Gambling, Politics, and Organized Crime, 1837-1911
All Health Politics Is Local : Community Battles for Medical Care and Environmental Health
Geriatric Mental Health Care : Lessons From a Pandemic
Central Asia : Contexts for Understanding
Art + Climate = Change II
In Praise of the Ancestors : Names, Identity, and Memory in Africa and the Americas
The Baltic in the Bronze Age. Regional Patterns, Interactions and Boundaries
Fundamental Christian Ethics
Les énergies renouvelables
Hard Rain : Bob Dylan, Oral Cultures, and the Meaning of History

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3 months ago

VSCS Faculty: Come join the first of our monthly library drop-in clinics. A group of librarians will be available to answer questions related to the new Library Liaison Program as well as answer questions or assistance you need with resources and services we have available now. ... See MoreSee Less

VSCS Faculty: Come join the first of our monthly library drop-in clinics. A group of librarians will be available to answer questions related to the new Library Liaison Program as well as answer questions or assistance you need with resources and services we have available now.