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Vermont Tech

New title

From a Shepherd Boy to an Intellectual : My Memoirs
Cinematosophical Introduction to the Theory of Archaeology : Understanding Archaeology Through Cinema, Philosophy, Literature and Some Incongruous Extremes
They Were Her Property : White Women As Slave Owners in the American South
Four Words for Friend : Why Using More Than One Language Matters Now More Than Ever
Principles of Global Child Health: Education and Research
Bubbles and Crashes : The Boom and Bust of Technological Innovation
The Politics of Language Contact in the Himalaya
The Missing Pages : The Modern Life of a Medieval Manuscript, From Genocide to Justice
Organic Catalysis for Polymerisation
Cereal Grain-based Functional Foods : Carbohydrate and Phytochemical Components
The Struggle for Cooperation : Liberated France and the American Military, 1944--1946
Endless Novelties of Extraordinary Interest : The Voyage of H.M.S. Challenger and the Birth of Modern Oceanography
New Developments in Islamic Economics : Examples From Southeast Asia
Topics in Partial Differential Equations
Underserved Populations at Historically Black Colleges and Universities : The Pathway to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Our Great Purpose : Adam Smith on Living a Better Life
Antisocial : Online Extremists, Techno-Utopians, and the Hijacking of the American Conversation
Whistleblowing : Toward a New Theory
The Border and the Line : Race, Literature, and Los Angeles
Topics in Differential Geometry
Paradoxes of Stasis : Literature, Politics, and Thought in Francoist Spain
North Pole : Nature and Culture
Feminism : A Brief Introduction to the Ideas, Debates, and Politics of the Movement
Jazz From Detroit
Red Meat Republic : A Hoof-to-Table History of How Beef Changed America
Emerging Research and Issues in Behavioral Disabilities
SDG4 - Quality Education : Inclusivity, Equity and Lifelong Learning For All
Misogyny : The New Activism
Low-power and High-sensitivity Magnetic Sensors and Systems
Southern History on Screen : Race and Rights, 1976-2016
Why I Am Not a Hindu : A Sudra Critique of Hindutva Philosophy, Culture and Political Economy
Shakespeare's Representation of Weather, Climate and Environment : The Early Modern 'Fated Sky'
Justice for Some : Law and the Question of Palestine
The Joy of Statistics : A Treasury of Elementary Statistical Tools and Their Applications
Patently Mathematical : Picking Partners, Passwords, and Careers by the Numbers
Refuge Beyond Reach : How Rich Democracies Repel Asylum Seekers
The Case for Space : How the Revolution in Spaceflight Opens Up a Future of Limitless Possibility
Oxford Handbook of Learning and Intellectual Disability Nursing
The Politics of Losing : Trump, the Klan, and the Mainstreaming of Resentment
School Shootings and the Never Again Movement
Optimizing Suboptimal Results Following Cataract Surgery : Refractive and Non-Refractive Management
A German Officer in Occupied Paris : The War Journals, 1941-1945
A History of the Ozarks, Volume 2 : The Conflicted Ozarks
Hard Questions : Facing the Problems of Life
Todd Solondz
Household Perspectives on Minority Language Maintenance and Loss : Language in the Small Spaces
Dragonflies and Damselflies : A Natural History
Bombs Without Boots : The Limits of Airpower
Holistic Nursing : Scope and Standards of Practice, 3rd Edition
Conspiracies and Conspiracy Theories in American History [2 Volumes]
Primal Screams : How the Sexual Revolution Created Identity Politics
The Body of Work : John Rechy’s Sensual Poetics
Priced Out : The Economic and Ethical Costs of American Health Care
Vector-valued Function and Distribution Spaces on the Torus
Travel and Travail : Early Modern Women, English Drama, and the Wider World
Fluorescence-Guided Neurosurgery : Neuro-oncology and Cerebrovascular Applications
Handbook for Culturally Competent Care
Geeky Pedagogy : A Guide for Intellectuals, Introverts, and Nerds Who Want to Be Effective Teachers
Who Owns the News? : A History of Copyright
Topics in Power Series Solution and Special Functions
Hybrid MR-PET Imaging : Systems, Methods and Applications
Buying Gay : How Physique Entrepreneurs Sparked a Movement
To Stir a Restless Heart
Videophilosophy : The Perception of Time in Post-Fordism
EC Comics : Race, Shock, and Social Protest
Unlocking Sustainable Cities : A Manifesto for Real Change
Desiring the Bomb : Communication, Psychoanalysis, and the Atomic Age
Planning to Fail : The US Wars in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan
Cosmetic Injection Techniques : A Text and Video Guide to Neurotoxins and Fillers
All Around Monstrous
A Great Fear : Luís De Onís and the Shadow War Against Napoleon in Spanish America, 1808–1812
The Challenges of Corporate Entrepreneurship in the Disruptive Age
Sensational Things : Souvenirs, Keepsakes, and Mementos in Wilkie Collins’s Fiction
Silence : A Social History of One of the Least Understood Elements of Our Lives
Becoming Willa Cather : Creation and Career
India’s Eastward Engagement : From Antiquity to Act East Policy
Joanna Russ
Victorian Poetry and the Poetics of the Literary Periodical
Buffalo Nationalism : A Critique of Spiritual Fascism
Understanding Intermolecular Interactions in the Solid State : Approaches and Techniques
Global Action on School Library Education and Training
Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace : Developments in Theory, Research, and Practice, Second Edition
Medical Imaging and Its Security in Telemedicine Applications
MediaWriting : Print, Broadcast, and Public Relations
Blaming Immigrants : Nationalism and the Economics of Global Movement
Public Health and Health Promotion for Nurses at a Glance
Narrative Economics : How Stories Go Viral and Drive Major Economic Events
God : The Case Against
Strengthening Policy Research : Role of Think Tank Initiative in South Asia
Arthur : God and Hero in Avalon
A Fiery Gospel : The Battle Hymn of the Republic and the Road to Righteous War
Distance Education : Definition and Glossary of Terms
Advanced Practice Nursing Roles : Core Concepts for Professional Development
Knowledge, Power, and Academic Freedom
Possible Worlds Theory and Contemporary Narratology
The Scientific Attitude : Defending Science From Denial, Fraud, and Pseudoscience
Patel : Political Ideas and Policies
Conspiracies of Conspiracies : How Delusions Have Overrun America
Arabic Corpus Linguistics
Margaret Harkness : Writing Social Engagement 1880–1921
Medicine Women : The Story of the First Native American Nursing School
Sacred Cesium Ground and Isa's Deluge : Two Novellas of Japan's 3/11 Disaster
Public Influence : A Guide to Op-Ed Writing and Social Media Engagement
The Hole Truth : Determining the Greatest Players in Golf Using Sabermetrics
Riding Two Tigers
Forgotten Italians : Julian-Dalmatian Writers and Artists in Canada
Creating Trauma-Informed Schools : A Guide for School Social Workers and Educators
Return to the City of Joseph : Modern Mormonism's Contest for the Soul of Nauvoo
In The Zone : Helping Children Rise to the Challenge of Learning
Dante Alighieri - The Divine Comedy, Translated by Henry Francis Clay : 'The Darkest Places in Hell Are Reserved for Those Who Maintain Their Neutrality in Times of Moral Crisis'
Medical Statistics at a Glance
A History of Feelings
Critical Conversations in Healthcare, Second Edition
Nature Strange and Beautiful : How Living Beings Evolved and Made the Earth a Home
Night School : A Reader for Grownups
Listening to Leaders : Values, Empathy, Humility, and Relationships
Leadership and Management Competence in Nursing Practice : Competencies, Skills, Decision-Making
Unlimited Action : The Performance of Extremity in the 1970s
Targeting Top Terrorists : Understanding Leadership Removal in Counterterrorism Strategy
Screening the Golden Ages of the Classical Tradition
The Wealth of Religions : The Political Economy of Believing and Belonging
Teaching Outside the Box : Beyond the Deficit Driven School Reforms
The Marginal Revolutionaries : How Austrian Economists Fought the War of Ideas
Digital PR
The Pogroms in Ukraine, 1918-19 : Prelude to the Holocaust
Combined Arms Warfare in Israeli Military History : From the War of Independence to Operation Protective Edge
Fatty Alcohols : Anthropogenic and Natural Occurrence in the Environment
Slavery and Class in the American South : A Generation of Slave Narrative Testimony, 1840-1865
Prophetic Translation : The Making of Modern Egyptian Literature
Zhuangzi and the Becoming of Nothingness
The Business of Changing the World : How Billionaires, Tech Disrupters, and Social Entrepreneurs Are Transforming the Global Aid Industry
Traveling with Service Animals : By Air, Road, Rail, and Ship Across North America
Slaves, Slaveholders, and a Kentucky Community's Struggle Toward Freedom
Karl Marx : Philosophy and Revolution
The End of Forgetting : Growing Up with Social Media
The Vaccine Debate
The Lives of Bees : The Untold Story of the Honey Bee in the Wild
Chemical Health Threats : Assessing and Alerting
Blackhood Against the Police Power : Punishment and Disavowal in the 'Post-Racial' Era
Study Guide for Essentials for Nursing Practice - E-Book
Early Instructed Second Language Acquisition : Pathways to Competence
Trump’s Media War
God As Political Philosopher : Buddha’s Challenge to Brahminism
Reason, Causation and Compatibility with the Phenomena
The Internationalisation of Polish Industries in the Context of the New Institutional Economics : Diagnosis and Determinants
The Shahnameh : The Persian Epic As World Literature
The Vermont Brigade in the Seven Days : The Battles and Their Personal Aftermath
Being with the Dead : Burial, Ancestral Politics, and the Roots of Historical Consciousness
A Short & Happy Guide to Legal Writing
Pedagogy in Islamic Education : The Madrasah Context
Choked : Life and Breath in the Age of Air Pollution
Therapies for Retinal Degeneration : Targeting Common Processes
Between Two Worlds : My Life As a Child of Deaf Adults
Oral Health and Herbal Medicine
Difference and Orientation : An Alexander Kluge Reader
All Of Physics (Almost) In 15 Equations
Mountains Piled Upon Mountains : Appalachian Nature Writing in the Anthropocene
Topics in Laplace and Fourier Transforms
How the Classics Made Shakespeare
After the Rise and Stall of American Feminism : Taking Back a Revolution
Identity, Equity and Social Justice in Asia Pacific Education
Thick : And Other Essays
School Leader's Guide to Tackling Attendance Challenges
Say Again, Please : Guide to Radio Communications
Hotel Housekeeping
Being Black in the World
Periodic Locally Compact Groups : A Study of a Class of Totally Disconnected Topological Groups
Linear Systems and Signals : A Primer
Mercenaries and Missionaries : Capitalism and Catholicism in the Global South
Tunisian Women's Writing in French : The Fight for Emancipation: From Ben Ali's Rise to Power to the Eve of the Tunisian Revolution, 1987-2011
Polygamy : An Early American History
Fracturing the Founding : How the Alt-Right Corrupts the Constitution
Bird Strike in Aviation : Statistics, Analysis and Management
All Learning Is Social and Emotional : Helping Students Develop Essential Skills for the Classroom and Beyond
Historians at War : Cold War Influences on Anglo-American Representations of the Spanish Civil War
The Summer of Dead Birds
Including a Symposium on Latin American Monetary Thought : Two Centuries in Search of Originality
Your New Feeling Is the Artifact of a Bygone Era
Humanimal : How Homo Sapiens Became Nature's Most Paradoxical Creature—A New Evolutionary History
Liberty in the Things of God : The Christian Origins of Religious Freedom
SharePoint Online Development, Configuration, and Administration : Advanced Quick Start Guide
Democracy in Danger : How Hackers and Activists Exposed Fatal Flaws in the Election System
The #MeToo Movement
Brexit and Aviation Law
Improving Flood Management, Prediction and Monitoring : Case Studies in Asia
Connecting Care for Patients
Davis's Diseases and Disorders : A Nursing Therapeutics Manual
Biodegradable Thermogels
Medical Office Professionals : A Practical Career Guide
The Sinus Bone Graft
Clear and Present Safety : The World Has Never Been Better and Why That Matters to Americans
Innovating South-South Cooperation : Policies, Challenges and Prospects
The Technology Takers : Leading Change in the Digital Era
Facing Challenges and Complexities in Retention of Novice Teachers
A Lot of People Are Saying : The New Conspiracism and the Assault on Democracy
Platform Economics : Rhetoric and Reality in the 'Sharing Economy'
The American Yawp : A Massively Collaborative Open U.S. History Textbook, Vol. 1: To 1877
A Gender Perspective of Municipal Solid Waste Generation and Management in the City of Bamenda, Cameroon
The Oral-systemic Health Connection : A Guide to Patient Care

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5 days ago

#tbt to 1783. Today marks the birthday of French Novelist Stendhal, the pen name of Marie-Henri Beyle. Stendhal is best known for his work, the Red and the Black, which is available in our library collection: If 19th century French Literature isn't your thing, be sure to check out our Leisure Reading Guide: This will have all sorts of suggestions for relaxing reading as you go through a busy semester of classes and projects.

Image of Stendhal from Library of Congress.

#tbt #ThrowbackThursday #hartnesslibrary #vttech #vermonttech #CCV #Stendhal #leisurereading #famousbirthdays
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#tbt to 1783. Today marks the birthday of French Novelist Stendhal, the pen name of Marie-Henri Beyle. Stendhal is best known for his work, the Red and the Black, which is available in our library collection: If 19th century French Literature isnt your thing, be sure to check out our Leisure Reading Guide: This will have all sorts of suggestions for relaxing reading as you go through a busy semester of classes and projects.

Image of Stendhal from Library of Congress.

#tbt #throwbackthursday #hartnesslibrary #vttech #vermonttech #ccv #stendhal #leisurereading #famousbirthdays