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The Audacity of a Kiss : Love, Art, and Liberation
To Address You As My Friend : African Americans' Letters to Abraham Lincoln
At Risk : Indian Sexual Politics and the Global AIDS Crisis
Advanced Mass Spectrometry-based Analytical Separation Techniques for Probing the Polar Metabolome
Advances in Thermoelectricity: Foundational Issues, Materials and Nanotechnology
Ancient Egypt and Early China : State, Society, and Culture
Amino Acids, Peptides and Proteins : Volume 44
Analytical Strategies for Cultural Heritage Materials and Their Degradation
2021 African Small Publishers Catalogue
Anatomy of Writing for Publication for Nurses, 4th Edition
Artisans of Trabajo Rústico : The Legacy of Dionicio Rodríguez
Asylum and Sanctuary in History and Law : A Social and Political Approach to Temporary Protections Around the World
African Politics of Survival Extraversion and Informality in the Contemporary World
Aleksei P. Okladnikov: The Great Explorer of the Past. Volume 2 : A Biography of a Soviet Archaeologist (1960s – 1980s)
Arteletra : The Sixties in Latin America and the Politics of Going Unnoticed
The Arts of Indigenous Health and Well-Being
The American Psychiatric Association Publishing Textbook of Personality Disorders
The Art of Indigenous Inculturation: Grace on the Edge of Genius
'African Potentials' for Wildlife Conservation and Natural Resource Management : Against the Image of 'Deficiency' and Tyranny
Advances in Teaching Inorganic Chemistry Volume 1: Classroom Innovations and Faculty Development
At the Fence of Metternich's Garden : Essays on Europe, Ukraine, and Europeanization
At Home in the World : California Women and the Postwar Environmental Movement
Applications for Advancing Animal Ecology
99 Names of God
African American Studies
Aquinas and the Infused Moral Virtues
Advances in Business and Management. Volume 18
Applied Multivariate Statistical Analysis and Related Topics with R
Art Work : Invisible Labour and the Legacy of Yugoslav Socialism
Airborne Platforms to Advance NASA Earth System Science Priorities : Assessing the Future Need for a Large Aircraft
Assessing Handlers for Competence in Animal-Assisted Interventions
Age of Empires : The History and Administration of Judah in the 8th–2nd Centuries BCE in Light of the Storage-Jar Stamp Impressions
The Archaeology of New Netherland : A World Built on Trade
At the Threshold of Liberty : Women, Slavery, and Shifting Identities in Washington, D.C.
Above and Beyond the Writing Workshop
Anatomy & Physiology for Speech, Language, and Hearing, Sixth Edition
The 21st Century School Library : A Model for Innovative Teaching & Learning
All Options on the Table : Leaders, Preventive War, and Nuclear Proliferation
Art and Migration : Revisioning the Borders of Community
After Troy
Advances in Cereals Processing Technologies
After Radical Land Reform : Restructuring Agricultural Cooperatives in Zimbabwe and Japan
Arrest and Detention in India : Law, Procedure and Practice
Alleviative Objects : Intersectional Entanglement and Progressive Racism in Caribbean Art
American Unitarian Churches : Architecture of a Democratic Religion
12 Lenses Into Diversity in South Africa
Artificial Intelligence Research and Development : Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference of the Catalan Association for Artificial Intelligence
Annual Review of Comparative and International Education 2020
Analysis of Suitable Generative Algorithms for the Generation of Safety-critical Driving Data in the Field of Autonomous Driving
Analyse complexe
Age of Inference: Cultivating a Scientific Mindset
Arc of a Life: Escapades of an Adventurer
Art in Diverse Social Settings
118 Theories of Design[ing]
AlN Base Layers for UV LEDs
All About Flowers : James Vick's Nineteenth-Century Seed Company
An Argumentative Analysis of the Emergence of Issues in Adult-Children Discussions
Alzheimer's Disease and Air Pollution : The Development and Progression of a Fatal Disease From Childhood and the Opportunities for Early Prevention
Argumentation Between Doctors and Patients : Understanding Clinical Argumentative Discourse
1650-1850 : Ideas, Aesthetics, and Inquiries in the Early Modern Era (Volume 26)
Archive, Photography and the Language of Administration
Agricultural Heritage
Aspects of Latin American Spanish Dialectology : In Honor of Terrell A. Morgan
Apostles of Change : Latino Radical Politics, Church Occupations, and the Fight to Save the Barrio
Assessing with Respect : Everyday Practices That Meet Students' Social and Emotional Needs
The Arabic Prose Poem
Antisemitism on the Rise : The 1930s and Today
Abstraction in Medieval Art : Beyond the Ornament
The Advocates : Women Within the Australian Environmental Movement
Apartheid’s Black Soldiers : Un-national Wars and Militaries in Southern Africa
Au cœur de l’énergie nucléaire
Advances in Organic Synthesis: Volume 14
Advancement in the Cancer Treatment
Annual Evaluation Report, 2020-21
Arte y visión en el Imperio inca: andinos y españoles en Cajamarca
The Archaeology of Island Colonization : Global Approaches to Initial Human Settlement
Africa's Last Colonial Currency : The CFA Franc Story
Academic Biology -IX
Artificial Intelligence and Its Applications
Advanced Microeconomics: Learning Materials for Ph.D. Students
Advances in Parallel Computing Technologies and Applications
Afro-Nostalgia : Feeling Good in Contemporary Black Culture
Analytical Models of Coherent-Interface-Induced Stresses in Composite Materials II
Atlas of Non-FDG PET–CT in Diagnostic Oncology
Art and Ocean Objects of Early Modern Eurasia : Shells, Bodies, and Materiality
Africanizing Oncology : Creativity, Crisis, and Cancer in Uganda
40 Days in Psalms
Agroecology, Sustainable and Secure Food Systems
Assessing Trade-Offs in U.S. Military Intervention Decisions : Whether, When, and with What Size Force to Intervene
Anthony Cerami : A Life in Translational Medicine
Advances in Psychology Research. Volume 146
All Societies Die : How to Keep Hope Alive
Arguing with Numbers : The Intersections of Rhetoric and Mathematics
Advances in Hospitality and Leisure
Animal Dreams
Ancient Legends, Mystic Charms and Superstitions of Ireland
The Artic: A Drifting Future
Antigone's Sisters : On the Matrix of Love
ASHP Injectable Drug Information : A Comprehensive Guide to Compatibility and Stability
Africa – Regional Overview of Food Security and Nutrition 2021: Statistics and Trends
Artificial Intelligence for Smarter Power Systems : Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks
Applying Quality Management in Healthcare: A Systems Approach, Fifth Edition
America in Denial : How Race-Fair Policies Reinforce Racial Inequality in America
An Archaeology of Innovation : Approaching Social and Technological Change in Human Society
American Public School Librarianship : A History
Atlas of Pediatric Head and Neck and Skull Base Surgery
The Architecture of Devotion : James Goold and His Legacies in Colonial Melbourne
Auditory disorders in the classroom : a guide for speech language pathologists, audiologists and educators
Assessing Iron Age Marsh-Forts : With Reference to the Stratigraphy and Palaeoenvironment Surrounding The Berth, North Shropshire
Animals and Society : An Introduction to Human-Animal Studies
10 WAYS TO Handle Criticism
Aromatic Plants: The Technology, Human Welfare and Beyond
Address Variation in Sociocultural Context : Region, Power and Distance in Italian Service Encounters
Advances in Psychology Research. Volume 145
Ask, Listen, Empower : Grounding Your Library Work in Community Engagement
Advances in Processing Technology
Advancing United States-Mexico Binational Sustainability Partnerships
Amakomiti : Grassroots Democracy in South African Shack Settlements
The Archaeological Dictionary: English-Greek/Greek-English
African Parliaments Volume 2: Systems of Evidence in Practice
The American Psychiatric Association Practice Guideline for the Treatment of Patients with Schizophrenia
The Archaeology of the Upper Amazon : Complexity and Interaction in the Andean Tropical Forest
African Parliaments Volume 1: Evidence Systems for Governance and Development
Aging Behind Prison Walls : Studies in Trauma and Resilience
Asian Cinema
Antipassive : Typology, Diachrony, and Related Constructions
Ambacide: The Genocide and Extermination Reminiscent of Extermination of Jews (Holocaust) by Adolf Hitler
Assessing NASA's University Leadership Initiative
Advances in Pattern-Based Ontology Engineering
AI at War : How Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning Are Changing Naval Warfare
Advancing Commercialization of Digital Products From Federal Laboratories
Arise Africa, Roar China : Black and Chinese Citizens of the World in the Twentieth Century
Anchoring Innovation Districts : The Entrepreneurial University and Urban Change
Advances in Communications Satellite Systems : Proceedings of The 37th International Communications Satellite Systems Conference (ICSSC-2019)
Advancement of Phytoremediation Efficiency
Aporia: Lament of an Ambazonian Revolutionary
AI Smart Kit: Agile Decision-Making on AI (Abridged Version)
At Ansha's : Life in the Spirit Mosque of a Healer in Mozambique
The Art of Longsword Fighting : Teaching the Foundations of Sigmund Ringeck’s Style
Artificial Intelligence Models, Algorithms and Applications
Application of Big Data and Business Analytics
Asian Countries: Economic, Political and Social Issues
Arise : Power, Strategy and Union Resurgence
Abolishing Boundaries : Global Utopias in the Formation of Modern Chinese Political Thought, 1880–1940
Aesthetics and Style in Strategy
Sound, Syntax and Contact in the Languages of Asturias
100 Years of Public Works in the ILO
Africa and the Disruptions of the Twenty-first Century
Academic Freedom : Autonomy, Challenges and Conformation
Adolescents in the Internet Age: A Team Learning and Teaching Perspective Third Edition
Advances in Accounting Behavioral Research
Artificial Intelligence Applied to Satellite-based Remote Sensing Data for Earth Observation
Americanaland : Where Country & Western Met Rock 'n' Roll
Undergraduate Research in Online, Virtual, and Hybrid Courses : Proactive Practices for Distant Students
Assessment in Speech-Language Pathology: A Resource Manual, Sixth Edition
Antiviral Discovery for Highly Pathogenic Emerging Viruses
American Hotel : The Waldorf-Astoria and the Making of a Century
Art Practices in the Migration Society : Transcultural Strategies in Action at Brunnenpassage in Vienna
Apocalypse and Golden Age : The End of the World in Greek and Roman Thought
Argyle : The Impossible Story of Australian Diamonds
Assessment of Communication Disorders in Adults: Resources and Protocols
Armenian Apocrypha From Adam to Daniel
Against the Despotism of Fact : Modernism, Capitalism, and the Irish Celt
Ambipolar Materials and Devices
Administrative Law and Public Administration in the Global Social System
Analytical Applications of Functionalized Magnetic Nanoparticles
African Items : 'Memories of Urgent Times''
The Aimless Life : Music, Mines, and Revolution From the Rocky Mountains to Mexico
6G Wireless Communications and Mobile Networking
American Statesmanship : Principles and Practice of Leadership
Applications of Porphyrinoids As Functional Materials
Ambivalenzen der Gleichheit : Zwischen Diversität, sozialer Ungleichheit und Repräsentation
Advancedness in Second Language Spanish : Definitions, Challenges, and Possibilities
The American Newsroom : A History, 1920-1960
The Academic Teaching Librarian's Handbook
The Afterlife of Enclosure : British Realism, Character, and the Commons
The Agile College : How Institutions Successfully Navigate Demographic Changes
A.W.N. Pugin
Adult Audiologic Rehabilitation, Third Edition
Air-Conditioning in Modern American Architecture, 1890–1970
The Ancient Egyptians and the Natural World. Flora, Fauna, and Science
Analytical Models of Coherent-Interface-Induced Stresses in Composite Materials III
After the Arab Revolutions
All-carbon Composites and Hybrids
Attending : An Ethical Art
Agricultural Wastewater Treatment
Ancient Greeks at War : Warfare in the Classical World From Agamemnon to Alexander
Audacious Agitation : The Uncompromising Commitment of Black Youth to Equal Education After Brown
Acquired Language Disorders: A Case-Based Approach, Third Edition
After the Holocaust
Asphalt : A History
AI Revolution in HRM : The New Scorecard
Ancient Andean Houses : Making, Inhabiting, Studying
'And So the Tomb Remained' : Exploring Archaeology and Forensic Science Within Connecticut's Historical Family Mausolea
Agricultural Benefits of Postharvest Banana Plants
Active Learning Online: Five Principles That Make Online Courses Come Alive
Arrian the Historian : Writing the Greek Past in the Roman Empire
At War with Government : How Conservatives Weaponized Distrust From Goldwater to Trump
Sick Money: The Truth About the Global Pharmaceutical Industry
Augmentative and Alternative Communication: Challenges and Solutions

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Hartness Library and DEI Committee Film Discussion

Friday, April 8, 2022, 12-1 pm
CCV Faculty & Staff are invited to a film discussion on Ava DuVernay’s Academy Award nominated documentary film, 13th. Register HERE Watch the film on Netflix or Youtube (free).

Gallery Exhibits:
Currently featuring a combined gallery exhibit by the ‘Collageistas’. A group of six artists that formed in 2021. The members include: Gabrielle Dietzel, Carole Hass, Lori Rivers Stroutsos, Ellen Urman, Liz Walsh, and Suzanne Rexford-Winston.
The name of the combined show is  -SNIP – A group show by the Collageistas.
The works include collages from each artist inspired by a cloud theme. There is also a pottery display by Ellen Urman.
A reception will be held by the group Saturday, July 16th from 4:00-6:00 at Hartness Library’s Randolph Center location.


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