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Vermont Tech

New title

Thermodynamic Weirdness : From Fahrenheit to Clausius
Fast Facts About Religion for Nurses : Implications for Patient Care
When You Can't Believe Your Eyes : Vision Loss and Personal Recovery
Taking the Land to Make the City : A Bicoastal History of North America
Blackhood Against the Police Power : Punishment and Disavowal in the 'Post-Racial' Era
A History of Feelings
Riding Two Tigers
How to Be an Antiracist
Sensational Things : Souvenirs, Keepsakes, and Mementos in Wilkie Collins’s Fiction
Holistic Nursing : Scope and Standards of Practice, 3rd Edition
Earl Scruggs and Foggy Mountain Breakdown : The Making of an American Classic
School Shootings and the Never Again Movement
Aircraft Systems : Instruments, Communications, Navigation, and Control
Because Internet : Understanding the New Rules of Language
Abused : Surviving Sexual Assault and a Toxic Gymnastics Culture
Prisoners of Politics : Breaking the Cycle of Mass Incarceration
Digital Cash : The Unknown History of the Anarchists, Utopians, and Technologists Who Created Cryptocurrency
A Short & Happy Guide to Legal Writing
Design School : After Boundaries and Disciplines
Davis's Diseases and Disorders : A Nursing Therapeutics Manual
Perplexing Patriarchies : Fatherhood Among Black Opponents and White Defenders of Slavery
The Crime of Aggression : The Quest for Justice in an Age of Drones, Cyberattacks, Insurgents, and Autocrats
The Story of Myth
Creating the Universe : Depictions of the Cosmos in Himalayan Buddhism
Phenomenology of the Newborn : Life From Womb to World
The Three Languages of Politics : Talking Across The Political Divides
Medical Statistics at a Glance
101 Case Studies in Construction Management
The Misinformation Age : How False Beliefs Spread
From Disability to Diversity : College Success for Students with Learning Disabilities, ADHD, and Autism Spectrum Disorder
The Exclusive Economic Zone
The World of the Crusades
Heading Home : Motherhood, Work, and the Failed Promise of Equality
Mountains Piled Upon Mountains : Appalachian Nature Writing in the Anthropocene
Introduction to Security Consulting : A Lucrative Business Service
The Body of Work : John Rechy’s Sensual Poetics
The Centre As Margin
In The Zone : Helping Children Rise to the Challenge of Learning
Food Fights : How History Matters to Contemporary Food Debates
The Girls Next Door : Bringing the Home Front to the Front Lines
Topics in Differential Geometry
Hotel Housekeeping
Invisible Women : Data Bias in a World Designed for Men
Symbolic Interactionism : The Basics
Arthur : God and Hero in Avalon
Refuge Beyond Reach : How Rich Democracies Repel Asylum Seekers
Bird Strike in Aviation : Statistics, Analysis and Management
North Pole : Nature and Culture
Atheism: The Basics
A History of the Ozarks, Volume 2 : The Conflicted Ozarks
Planning to Fail : The US Wars in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan
Advanced Practice Nursing Roles, Sixth Edition : Core Concepts for Professional Development
Behind the Screen : Content Moderation in the Shadows of Social Media
Creating Trauma-Informed Schools : A Guide for School Social Workers and Educators
Oxford Handbook of Learning and Intellectual Disability Nursing
Being Black in the World
Conspiracies and Conspiracy Theories in American History [2 Volumes]
Deep Medicine : How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Healthcare Human Again
Misogyny : The New Activism
Yearbook of Private International Law Vol. XVIII - 2016/2017
Primal Screams : How the Sexual Revolution Created Identity Politics
Conspiracies of Conspiracies : How Delusions Have Overrun America
The End of Forgetting : Growing Up with Social Media
Visionary Animal : Rock Art From Southern Africa
How to Read a Paper : The Basics of Evidence-based Medicine and Healthcare
A Lot of People Are Saying : The New Conspiracism and the Assault on Democracy
The Fall of the Wild : Extinction, De-Extinction, and the Ethics of Conservation
Gamer Nation : Video Games and American Culture
Handbook for Culturally Competent Care
The Vaccine Debate
The Twitter Presidency : Donald J. Trump and the Politics of White Rage
Democracy and Truth : A Short History
Leadership and Management Competence in Nursing Practice : Competencies, Skills, Decision-Making
Topics in Partial Differential Equations
Lineages of Modernity : A History of Humanity From the Stone Age to Homo Americanus
Surviving Global Warming : Why Eliminating Greenhouse Gases Isn't Enough
Counter-Cola : A Multinational History of the Global Corporation
Dragonflies and Damselflies : A Natural History
Mercenaries and Missionaries : Capitalism and Catholicism in the Global South
Obesity in Childhood and Adolescence, 2nd Edition [2 Volumes]
Priced Out : The Economic and Ethical Costs of American Health Care
Topics in Laplace and Fourier Transforms
The Business of Changing the World : How Billionaires, Tech Disrupters, and Social Entrepreneurs Are Transforming the Global Aid Industry
Caring for the Vulnerable
Nursing Care Plans : Guidelines for Individualizing Client Care Across the Life Span
Reason, Causation and Compatibility with the Phenomena
Vector-valued Function and Distribution Spaces on the Torus
Karl Marx : Philosophy and Revolution
The Scientific Attitude : Defending Science From Denial, Fraud, and Pseudoscience
Native Provenance : The Betrayal of Cultural Creativity
Pharmacology Success
The Last Butterflies : A Scientist's Quest to Save a Rare and Vanishing Creature
Automotive Braking Systems
Connecting Generations : Bridging the Boomer, Gen X, and Millennial Divide
The Power of Cute
Your New Feeling Is the Artifact of a Bygone Era
Feminism : A Brief Introduction to the Ideas, Debates, and Politics of the Movement
Rewriting the Newspaper : The Storytelling Movement in American Print Journalism
Connecting Care for Patients
On the End of Privacy : Dissolving Boundaries in a Screen-Centric World
The Psychology of School Bullying
Argumentation Strategies in the Classroom
Nutrition and Diabetes : Pathophysiology and Management
Hard Questions : Facing the Problems of Life
Antarctica: Earth's Own Ice World
All Around Monstrous
A Fiery Gospel : The Battle Hymn of the Republic and the Road to Righteous War
The Seven Deadly Sins: How Sin Influenced the West From the Middle Ages to the Modern Era
Whistleblowing : Toward a New Theory
Innovating South-South Cooperation : Policies, Challenges and Prospects
Surviving Genocide : Native Nations and the United States From the American Revolution to Bleeding Kansas
The #MeToo Movement
Trump’s Media War
Medicine Women : The Story of the First Native American Nursing School
Joanna Russ
Department Stores and the Black Freedom Movement : Workers, Consumers, and Civil Rights From the 1930s to the 1980s
The Pogroms in Ukraine, 1918-19 : Prelude to the Holocaust
Political Satire, Postmodern Reality, and the Trump Presidency : Who Are We Laughing At?
Slavery and Class in the American South : A Generation of Slave Narrative Testimony, 1840-1865
Business Valuation Case Law Yearbook
Improving the Psychological Wellbeing of Children and Young People : Effective Prevention and Early Intervention Across Health, Education and Social Care
To Stir a Restless Heart
Nurse As Educator: Principles of Teaching and Learning for Nursing Practice
Topics in Power Series Solution and Special Functions
Geeky Pedagogy : A Guide for Intellectuals, Introverts, and Nerds Who Want to Be Effective Teachers
Chemical Health Threats : Assessing and Alerting
Gender: The Basics : 2nd Edition
EC Comics : Race, Shock, and Social Protest
The Dictionary Wars : The American Fight Over the English Language
Difference and Orientation : An Alexander Kluge Reader
Healthcare Value Proposition : Creating a Culture of Excellence in Patient Experience
The Fifth Domain : Defending Our Country, Our Companies, and Ourselves in the Age of Cyber Threats
Acts of Transgression : Contemporary Live Art in South Africa
Study Guide for Essentials for Nursing Practice - E-Book
Brexit and Aviation Law
Framing Inequality : News Media, Public Opinion, and the Neoliberal Turn in U.S. Public Policy
Clear and Present Safety : The World Has Never Been Better and Why That Matters to Americans
Open : The Progressive Case for Free Trade, Immigration, and Global Capital
Divided Highways : Road Narrative and Nationhood in Canada
Supernavigators : Exploring the Wonders of How Animals Find Their Way
All Learning Is Social and Emotional : Helping Students Develop Essential Skills for the Classroom and Beyond
Materials of the Mind : Phrenology, Race, and the Global History of Science, 1815-1920
The Internationalisation of Polish Industries in the Context of the New Institutional Economics : Diagnosis and Determinants
The Talent Revolution : Longevity and the Future of Work
The Big Nine : How the Tech Titans and Their Thinking Machines Could Warp Humanity
Biased : Uncovering the Hidden Prejudice That Shapes What We See, Think, and Do
Justice for Some : Law and the Question of Palestine
Humanimal : How Homo Sapiens Became Nature's Most Paradoxical Creature—A New Evolutionary History
Race and Racism : An Introduction
EU Citizenship : Towards a Postmodern Conception of Citizenship
The Vermont Brigade in the Seven Days : The Battles and Their Personal Aftermath
Ospreys : The Revival of a Global Raptor
Cinematosophical Introduction to the Theory of Archaeology : Understanding Archaeology Through Cinema, Philosophy, Literature and Some Incongruous Extremes
Generation Z : A Century in the Making
Say Again, Please : Guide to Radio Communications
The Lives of Bees : The Untold Story of the Honey Bee in the Wild
Left to Their Own Devices : How Digital Natives Are Reshaping the American Dream
The Gift of Global Talent : How Migration Shapes Business, Economy & Society
MediaWriting : Print, Broadcast, and Public Relations
Buying Gay : How Physique Entrepreneurs Sparked a Movement
Introduction to Digital Media
Science on Stage in Early Modern Spain
The Five : The Untold Lives of the Women Killed by Jack the Ripper
Choked : Life and Breath in the Age of Air Pollution
Local Tax Policy : A Primer
Currency Risk Management : Selected Research Papers
All Of Physics (Almost) In 15 Equations
Leadership and the Rise of Great Powers
Antisocial : Online Extremists, Techno-Utopians, and the Hijacking of the American Conversation
Climate Change and Sub-Saharan Africa
Life on the Other Border : Farmworkers and Food Justice in Vermont
The Politics of Language Contact in the Himalaya
Black Is the Body : Stories From My Grandmother's Time, My Mother's Time, and Mine
Food Allergies and Sensitivities: Your Questions Answered
Liberty in the Things of God : The Christian Origins of Religious Freedom
Saunders Nursing Drug Handbook 2019 E-Book
African Americans and Africa : A New History
The Alt-Right : What Everyone Needs to Know®
The Wealth of Religions : The Political Economy of Believing and Belonging
Medical Office Professionals : A Practical Career Guide
Wonderful Wasteland and Other Natural Disasters : Poems
Classic Readings on Monster Theory : Demonstrare, Volume One
Between Two Worlds : My Life As a Child of Deaf Adults
The Politics of Losing : Trump, the Klan, and the Mainstreaming of Resentment
The Playbook of Persuasive Reasoning : Everyday Empowerment and Likeability
History of Anatomy : An International Perspective
The Case for Space : How the Revolution in Spaceflight Opens Up a Future of Limitless Possibility
We Must Not Be Enemies : Restoring America's Civic Tradition
Possible Minds : Twenty-Five Ways of Looking at AI
Social Psychology : The Basics
Silence : A Social History of One of the Least Understood Elements of Our Lives
They Were Her Property : White Women As Slave Owners in the American South
When All Else Fails : The Ethics of Resistance to State Injustice
Todd Solondz
How to Do Nothing : Resisting the Attention Economy
Davis's Comprehensive Handbook of Laboratory & Diagnostic Tests with Nursing Implications
The Next Billion Users : Digital Life Beyond the West
Traveling with Service Animals : By Air, Road, Rail, and Ship Across North America
Eloquence Embodied : Nonverbal Communication Among French and Indigenous Peoples in the Americas

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Monthly hours calendar

Exhibits & Events

All College Book Club:
  • Ragtime, by E.L. Doctorow. November 21st at Noon.
Gallery Exhibits:
  • West Gallery: Ross Sheehan
  • East Gallery: Michelle Turbide
  • Art Under Glass Series: Peter Evans & Debra Maloney-Evans
Ongoing Events:
  • Yarn Circle Group: Thursdays 12-1 pm in Williston & Fridays 12-1 pm in Randolph.

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17 hours ago

This month is National Aviation History Month. If you have an interest in planes or flight, you should check out our aviation books, ebooks and journals!

#hartnesslibrary #vttech #CCV #vermonttech #bookdisplay #aviation #aviationhistory #aviationhistorymonth
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This month is National Aviation History Month.  If you have an interest in planes or flight, you should check out our aviation books, ebooks and journals!

#hartnesslibrary #vttech #ccv #vermonttech #bookdisplay #aviation #aviationhistory #aviationhistorymonth