How to Find Articles

The library subscribes to thousands of newspapers, magazines, and journals which are housed online in library databases. Use the Article Databases tab in the Quick Search box on the library homepage or select Find > Articles (Research Databases) as a menu item to see a list of recommended databases.

article menus screenshot

Select a Database

You can start by searching general subject databases which house a wide variety of magazines and journals.

search multiple databases

You can also see recommended databases for specific subject areas - if you need help selecting a database, ask a librarian for a recommendation.

subject-specific databases

See a Complete List of Databases by Title

If you are looking for a database by name (title), you can locate it in this list alphabetically by clicking on the Databases by Title tab. Some of the database collections have names which indicate the contents of their collections (e.g., Business Source Premier, Education Research Complete, Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection).


Popular database collections include Opposing Viewpoints, which offers magazine and journal articles about current events and common research topics, JSTOR, which houses an archived collection of social science and humanities titles, and ScienceDirect, which houses peer-reviewed/academic journals in a variety of science and social science subject areas

Find a Specific Journal

If you know which magazine or journal you're looking for, use the Find > Journals index to see which database houses it.

pick journals from the menu

You can search for a specific newspaper, magazine, or journal (e.g. Journal of Social Psychology, The Economist, The New York Times) by entering the title into the search box.

periodicals index screenshot

When you locate the title you want, you may have the option to retrieve articles from that title in several different databases; select the database which houses that title within the date range that you need.


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